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Osita Osadebe

Osondi Owendi, the song made famous by the King of High life Chief Stephen Osita Osade; two words that explains the duality of life Osondi (sweet to some people) Owendi (bitter to some people), basically explains the goings on of life today. Everyday we hear, read, watch news of all sorts, hence the reason we named this site osondiowendi.com. You may find news or gist you like or may not like posted to this website from the top 5 Nigerian Bloggers, starting with the biggest of them all, Linda Ikeji. We are dedicating this site to diseminating and sharing this news and gists from these respected bloggers solely for informational and entertainment purposes.

Osondiowendi.com is a news curator site, and we in no way take credit for the news and gists published on this site. We give total credit to the authors of the different articles posted, and will continue to do so. Please scroll through the site with an open mind, give us your feedback on areas we can do bether. Thanks

Nkiru Fernandez.